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We Help Families & Communities Survive the Fentanyl Crisis Using Awareness Programs, Emergency Funeral Funds & Survivors Scholarships.

Every Donation Helps



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We Help Families & Communities Survive the Fentanyl Crisis Using Awareness Programs, Emergency Funeral Funds & Survivors Scholarships.

Every Donation Helps


Have you met FENTANYL yet?

 Illicit Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times more potent than Morphine.

What We're Fighting For

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The Mission

What's our mission? Families Fighting Fentanyl is a diverse network of families, students and leaders working to confront the devastating Fentanyl crisis through teaching reduced harm tactics, awareness strategies & financial support when a loved one has been murdered by Fentanyl poisoning. Creating Fentanyl awareness in every sector of society to create a country free from this injustice.


Raising Awareness

What's the biggest problem with people being murdered by fentanyl poisoning? Most families, students and leaders are not aware of how deadly it really is to just "take a pill from a friend" because they haven't felt the path of destruction that this problem leaves behind. How do you start a Fentanyl Awareness Movement? You talk about it as loud and as often as humanly possible. You share the stories of the one hundred thousand plus families in 2021 that are living with the heavy unimaginable pain of suddenly losing their loved one. Then you teach our communities how to spot this invisible trap that's killing more and more people everyday.

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Uniting A Community

How do you build a community of people that want to fight back? Since 1999 over a million people have been murdered by the opioid epidemic. That's over 1 million families that are living with this message. That's over 1 million stories that need to be told. That's over a million families that are ready to fight back and stand up to this killer. The community is already there, all we need is to mobilize.

How Does It Work?

Thank you!! Your donation and support will make a difference in our community.

We are currently building 3 projects to confront the fentanyl crisis, support families and save lives.


#1 The Fentanyl Awareness Project


#2 The Funeral Funding Project

#3 Survivors Scholarship Project

The Fentanyl Awareness Project aggressively spreads powerful stories and messages about accidental fentanyl poisoning through engaging presentations, live events and online training in schools, churches, special events and community education.


The Funeral Funding Project - Imagine…you suddenly lose your child or spouse to fentanyl poisoning. On top of the crushing emotional pain you have to somehow come up with ten thousand dollars for their funeral and other end of life services. How are you going to do it? 

That's where our Funeral Funding Project helps families with sudden end of life costs. We wanted to create a fund that would help alleviate some of the financial burden on families affected by this.

Survivor Scholarship Program is in the very beginning stages. We are looking to help the children left behind from this terrible epidemic. It's bad enough that these children lost a father, a mother or both but now they have to find a way to pay for college without that parents support. We want to help them choose a better future.


Make a difference right here in your community.


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