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AJ's Story

Forever 23


10/2/2020 The Day My World Changed Forever....

5:32 pm


I got the call…my daughter Payton’s voice quivering…”Mom…you need to get to Aj’s house right away.” 


“Why, what’s wrong?!”  I asked her. 


“Just come and hurry!” She said.


I grab my purse and run out the door. Rushing down the street, my heart and mind is racing. It’s the longest 15 minute drive of my entire life.


Turning the corner onto Aj’s street, I see the flashing lights and a barrage of police cars lining the street. My heart sinks into my stomach. I know something is very wrong.


What’s happening?! His 24th birthday is only 5 days away! Aj’s day flashes through my thoughts…he was getting a new tattoo…a gift to himself. I could hear the voicemail I just left him hours ago… “Oh hey honey, I’m sorry…just remembered that you’re getting your tattoo right now. Call me when you’re done! Hope it doesn’t hurt!”


What I didn’t know was my son Aj was already gone. 


The police officer’s word’s echo in my head…”You can’t go in the house I’m sorry but your son is gone.” 


I managed to somehow ask, “Why not?! He’s my baby boy…” 


Feeling the sting of those piercing words shattering my heart into a million pieces. I collapse onto the ground trying to comprehend what they just told me.


The investigation took 3 hours before I could go in to see Aj. 


At one point they told me “We’re working on your son.”


I screamed “So he’s alive?!”


“No…we’re trying to get him ready so you can see him. Although we want you to seriously reconsider your decision, we are not advising it.” 


There will never be any regrets to my decision to see him.


As I was led through the front door there lay my baby boy. I could only see his beautiful face as the rest of his body was wrapped in a body bag. His face was blue and cold to the touch and I could tell there was a white foam that had come out of his nose and mouth. His hair curled into ringlets as they were when he was a little boy.


They told me Aj never showed up for his tattoo appointment. He was given a lethal dose of Fentanyl Poisoning by a drug dealer that had killed him instantly in the early morning of Oct. 2, 2020.


The day my world changed forever.

Help us get the word out.

Help us teach our community about Fentanyl Poisoning.

Aj's Mother,

Wendy Bank

AJ's Story
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